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Having a mobile friendly website is a very effective and affordable way to connect with new and existing customers and clients. Whether you have an existing website or not you need to consider the mobile market.   

Some older websites will not perform well on a mobile phone or tablet. As current mobile device networks don’t run in the same speed as broadband devices then speed and download limits can be an issue. Mobile use is increasing so why not be ready and ensure you are not missing potential customers.

Our websites are written to confirm to industry best practice, W3C and other national accessibility and usability guidelines. They are designed to be compatible with the major smartphones and mobile devices, for example iphone, Blackberry, Android, Nokia Symbian. We design mobile sites with easy to read layout, call us button, key links and easy navigation.

If you are looking to update your website then talk to us about designing a new 'responsive' website for you. One website that will work on all devices - all mobiles as well as ipads and desktops. All our new websites are written with 'responsive' coding.

Responsive websites examples when viewed on iphone...



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