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our website philosophy

Ease of use for your visitors is uppermost.

  • Web sites should be simple, consistent, easily navigated and written in meaningful plain english. Web sites should take care not to contain spelling errors.

  • Web sites should be easy to use, and all visitors (regardless of the speed of their connection, operating system, screen resolution, physical disability or any other circumstance) should be able to confidently stroll about the site to get the information they want with ease and speed.

  • Web sites should strive to comply with W3C and other national accessibility and usability guidelines.

  • Web sites should immediately declare who they are and what they are offering with minimal scrolling. Visitors shouldn't have to search the page to find out what is being offered.

  • Web sites should never be designed as a demonstration of the skills of the webmaster.

  • Web sites should be free of effects for their own sake. A example of this is a splash page or Flash introduction that serves no useful purpose but to frustrate the user who has to click 'skip intro' to find any meaningful information.

  • Web sites should be kept up to date. The web is instantaneous. Stale information and broken links tend to make visitors lose confidence in a site.



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