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domain names

  • Regardless of who buys your domain name (you or your designer) it must always be in your name as the Registrant (owner) - then you have control.
  • If you don't have a domain name yet then talk to your designer as there may be alternative names that work for you.
  • Domain names are usually purchased for two year periods. It is important that your email address is kept up to date on your domain registration.
  • You must be a registered Australian company or registered business with an ABN, BRN or BN in order to register a or domain. There are also a few restrictions regarding connection between the domain and business name.
  • To qualify for and domains your organisation must be a 'non-commercial' one and the domain you register must be close to the organisation it represents.
  • .com, .org, .biz, .info, .net domains can be registered by anyone

website hosting

  • You will need “hosting” for your website.  A hosting company provides space on their secure server (computer) for your website and related files to sit. The charge for this is usually annually.
  • It is not essential that your domain registration and hosting service are done through the same company or service provider.
  • Some hosting packages have more features than others and if your website is more complex then these features could be needed.
  • All good hosting packages should provide you with a control panel so that you may look at the statistics for your website and add email addresses.
  • All login details and passwords for domain, hosting and emails should be kept in a very safe place by you.
  • If you have an existing domain and hosting then your web designer will need to know the FTP details so that your website can be uploaded online.


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